OpenESB partners and sponsors

OpenESB is a large, sophisticated software, the product of hundreds of thousands of developer-days, much of which originated in Sun Microsystems. Over the past year the community has assumed the developer role, fixing anomalies and adding improvements that address evolving technologies and architectures - a process that will continue, to keep OpenESB robust and relevant. The considerable cost of this vital development and maintenance work is borne in part by our Sponsors. In recognition of their generous support they are featured on our community web site (under the 'Partners' link), and we ask that you show your appreciation by visiting their websites and considering their services.

Thank you!

Pymma: an OpenESB partners

Pymma is an OpenESB community co-founder and one of its most active members. Over the last years, working with the largest OpenESB users all around the world, Pymma develops a unique skill in multiple domains, such as banking, insurance, retail, gaming, logistic and government. Backed by this unique background, Pymma offers a complete set of services around OpenESB.


Consulting: Pymma has the most knowledgeable team on the market. Working with us is the guarantee to take advantage of the OpenESBbest practices in design and development.


Education: Pymma defines a complete OpenESB curriculum from beginner to expert and is qualified to deliver certification courses (developer and architect) and conduct certification tests.


Enterprise Edition: Pymma develops an powerful version of OpenESB compliant with the Community Edition, focused on enterprise features such as advanced monitoring, horizontal scalability, big data support, IoT access and many other improvements.


Support: A large part of OpenESB improvements comes from our labs, and our engineers have the best knowledge on OpenESB. We offer you to use this knowledge through professional supports and guarantee the reliability and the availability of your services platform.

Logicoy: an OpenESB partners