What is new in OpenESB 3.1.2

The OpenESB dream team in London

In 2016, the community launches the version 3.0.5 and start a significant re-engineering of OpenESB. In 2018, the result of this effort is the new version 3.1.2. The community and its sponsors worked on many topics such as:

CASA Editor

The CASA editor has many new features that provide flexibility to the deployment. They have been designed to match the microservices architecture requirements.

  • Consumer endpoint supported in as external modules
  • Import of external module through an XML file.
  • New connection policies (Direct, indirect and redirect)


The libraries used in the HTTP BC have been updated and provides better performances.


The REST Binding component has been “re-engineered” to support most of the requirement of a RESTFUL project. The REST BC support all the parameters type and offers a sturdy bridge between JSON and XML.

Database JNDI Support

DB JNDI support has been improved to support the new JDBC drivers such as Oracle.


We added to the BPEL a new cache in memory to store the BPEL context. It is a powerful feature that simplifies the multipart conversation.

Encoder JSON-XML

Pymma adds in the version 3.1.2. X a new JSON encoder that allows Binding Components such as the File BC to read JSON messages directly.

We hope you enjoy this version. Please feel free to send us our feedbacks and comments.