OpenESB components project clone and build


Prerequisites to build the project OpenESB components :

  • Java JDK 1.8
  • Git >= 2.12
  • Maven 3.5.2 (It could happen that

Some operating systems don't support long file name,in that case try the option: Git config  --system core.longpaths true

Set the right paths and JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME variables. If you face unexpected error clean you .m2 if you can do it.

Step 01

Use git to download the OpenESB source code from the OpenESB Bitbucket directory

Type: git clone

Step 02

After a while the command is done. The openESB-Components source code is cloned on your machine.

Go to the sub directory "openesb-components-3" created by the Git clone.  Then Build the project with Maven.

Type "mvn clean install".


Step 03

After a while when the build is successful for each component, an installer is build as a jar file. Ex: For the BPEL component, go to the directory openesb-component-3/component/bpelse/bpelse-installer/target/. There you could find the bpelse-installer-versionxxx.jar. This file must be used to deploy the BPEL service engine component on OpenESB.