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Today, the community is working on OpenESB migration to new container (GF V3-V4 or Jboss V5-6). If OpenESB framework and JBI component are relatively easy to migrate, some peripheral applications or features (ex: the console, Netbeans plugins) aNew OpenESB pluging for Netbeansre strongly tied with GF V2 and make the migration tricky. We cannot blame SUN designers who certainly made it to promote their application server but this migration forces us to transform these applications into agnostic tools accurate to any containers. Ex: Until now, deploying a Service Assembly on many OpenESB instance was made through Glassfish V2 cluster architecture. Since we want to be platform agnostic, we have to design and implement agnostic multi instance deployment features. In the community, some developers are working OpenESB Netbeans plugin (see the screenshot on the right) and our team was given new console development management. In order to start the project, I wrote a draft document with the first basis for the new console architecture. There are many points where I pose design questions without having any solution (for the moment I hope). In the community there are many really good architects and developer. Guys we rely on you to refine the document and propose technical solution certainly more accurate than mine. I don’t expect any congratulation but shape criticisms and technical propositions. Any serious technical proposition will be taken into account, thinks are completely open for the moment, please feel free to participate to the key project in OpenESB community.

The document can be downloaded here:  New administrator console for OpenESB

I propose you to discuss about this document and the console on our OpenESB community forum

Thanks for your help. 


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