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Paul Perez

Paul Perez is Chief Software Architect of Pymma. He is an author, software architect, consultant and speaker. He brings more than 17 years experience helping corporations for mission-critical information systems. Prior to co-found Pymma, Paul was an independent software consultant, working for large financial services companies in France, UK, Benelux, Israel and Germany Paul's extensive experiences in high-performance architecture design helps the company's clients solve real-world business problems through technology. As chief software architect, Paul assists current and future client engagements and develops best practices based on his domain expertise. Paul holds a post master degree from Paris University and is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, Togaf certified and holds several other certifications. You can contact paul at: paul.perez (at)

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  • ESB Benchmark: Where is the interest? Featured

    Short story One day one of my friends, a bit “show-off”, decided to travel to Africa for visiting one of his friends who got a one year job there for a French doctor’s organisation. Impressed by her initiative, he tried, in return, to impress her with a nice car he booked on internet. Once at the airport, he got a nice sports car, one of the fas ...
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  • OpenESB and Mule different views on Integration Featured

    Introduction During exhibitions, lectures, and conferences and on ESB forums, architects and developers ask us regularly “What is the difference between Mule and OpenESB”. It is a recurrent question since the two products share lot of common points. Both come from open sources projects supported by a community. Both contain the same acronym “E ...
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  • Mule vs. OpenESB: The plumber and the conductor fable Featured

    Introduction This week searching some information on Google, I typed “OpenESB vs …” and I got an interesting link from our competitor but friend “Mulesoft” ( where one of their writers compares Mule with OpenESB ( It is underst ...
    Sep 14 Tags: Conductor, Mule, OpenESB, Plomber, SOA
  • New administrator console for OpenESB Featured

    Today, the community is working on OpenESB migration to new container (GF V3-V4 or Jboss V5-6). If OpenESB framework and JBI component are relatively easy to migrate, some peripheral applications or features (ex: the console, Netbeans plugins) are strongly tied with GF V2 and make the migration tricky. We cannot blame SUN designers who certainly ma ...
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  • Is JBI dead? Not of course !!! Featured

    Last month, Pymma had a stand at the Devoxx exhibition Paris 2012 and made evangelisation on OpenESB. Even if delegates were more web pages development oriented, the exhibition was interesting since we had the pleasure to discuss with kind people who expressed unexpected thinking and point of view on ESB and integration. In our stand, we received m ...
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Fred Aabedi

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  • Introducing the LogiCoy TCP/IP Binding Component Featured

    Hello everyone, We have developed a new TCP/IP BC component. It's not based on the previous version that existed and not used much. We will be happy to get feedback on it.  Some of the great features include: 1. Implemented both one-way and two-way functionality for both inbound and outbound. 2. All Systemic and QOS qualities. 2.1: Re-Delivery ...
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