OpenESB Newsletter 2015 03 Agenda

OpenESB Standalone Edition Available
OpenESB in Insurances
OpenESB Conference at Santiago del Compostela
Our partner Vico
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OpenESB Newsletter 2014 03 Agenda

OpenESB survey results
OpenESB in Kazakhstan
OpenESB Certification
First look on OpenESB Standalone Edition web console
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OpenESB Newsletter 2013 12 Agenda

- Editorial
- Open-ESB a first University's choice to learn ESB, SOA and integration concepts
- OpenESB Correspondent in Kowait
- OpenESB has been chosen for European research project
- Tips and tricks: Prepare your applications for the next OpenESB platforms
- OpenESB Solide as a ROCK: 700 Million messages per month
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OpenESB Newsletter 2013 07 Agenda

- Editorial
- New platforms for OpenESB (JBoss and Standalone Edition)
- OpenESB new components: IEP Services Engine has been re-embedded in OpenESB 2.3. It is a simple and powerful tool to develop EDA (Event Driven Architecture) projects. A real IEP use case is detailed in the news letter
- OpenESB resources: Useful links
- OpenESB tips and tricks proposed by Gerhard Kersten from Acando:  How to use XSLT transformations in OpenESB. Gerhard gives explanation and examples on a key integration feature
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OpenESB Newsletter 2013 05 Agenda

- Editorial
- OpenESB Version2.3 announcement
- OpenESB project of the month: Ineat's OpenESB project for Leroy Merlin a major actor on the worldwide DIY market
- OpenESB resources: New papers and videos
- OpenESB tips and trickOpenESB BPEL Atomic property
- OpenESB partner: Ineat
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