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OpenESB Forum is hosted by Nabble. There, you will find thousand questions, posts and messages on OpenESB. You have to be registered to create and send a post
OpenESB wiki is the legacy and reference web site about OpenESB. Created by Sun microsystems, hosted and maintained by Oracle, it is the reference where you find out exhaustive information about OpenESB and it internal architecture. Not recommended for the beginners.

The OpenESB open source project is using JIRA to track bugs and enhancement requests. JIRA is a bug tracking system developed and used by Atlansian. Thanks to them for providing us a license.

OpenESB soures are hosted in a Codendi server. You must be registered first before downloading the source code.
You are working with OpenESB, you want to improve it, add new feature or simply help us to test it or improve the documentation, no matter if you are an advanced or beginner developer, a project manager or a technical writer, you are welcome.
OpenESB blogs is an aggregation of comment, humor and musing related to OpenESB from all over the blogosphere. Feel free to signal or to send any interesting paper on OpenESB This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .