Collaborate with OpenESB Community

OpenESB community like any other open source community is not a commercial company and does not receive any licenses fees from OpenESB use. It is a fragile ecosystem which needs attention and support. Thanks to our members who spend of their time for this project and sponsors, this ecosystem is feed and we are able to find some resources and budget to maintain OpenESB. However, to implement more quickly new architectures and features, to improve communication and promote the project, we need help and contribution.

We are interested by many profiles

You are an OpenESB user

You are working with OpenESB, you get skill on a component, you developed a methodology for OpenESB, you are deploying and supporting it on production, please it write down on didactical document. We will be happy to add them in the document list

You are a Java developer

If you are an expert or a simple beginner, we need your help for design, development, improvement, test, debug. Regarding your profile and your skill we will propose you the most accurate task. OpenESB scope is very large and if you like working on Graphical Interface, Monitoring, classical Java development, Multithreading, Optimisation, JEE, Web services ... , we have many project and sub project to propose.

You are a technical architect

OpenESB is an integration product close to the infrastructure. It impacts many other IT system components. Defining a good architecture is critical to success. Skilled architect

You are a web developer

We need you skill to improve our web site developed in Joomla and make it simpler and more useful

You are a Technical writer

Please help us to improve our documentation and create a new generation of documentation. Whatever your mother language we would be pleased to host multi-language documentations in this web site. This web site has mainly be written by no English speaker people, so English Reviewer are welcome.

You are a project manager

If you want to take up a challenge and manage a community project that is really different from a classical one, you are welcome!!!  That’s a real bonus in a CV if your project is successful or not.

If you want to be involved with us in the OpenESB project please explain us what you want to do what is your availability and your skill. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.