OpenESB support

The community proposes two types of support for OpenESB.  The first is the “OpenESB community support”. The second is a commercial support provided by OpenESB partners.

OpenESB community support

OpenESB community support is equivalent to other communities support and is provided through OpenESB Nabble Forum and issues tracker

If you face an issue or a bug using OpenESB we propose you the following process:

Go to OpenESB forum : OpenESB forum contains thousands dicussion on OpenEBS, NetBeans and Glassfish. You will certainly find information on the issue you experiment.

Go to our bug tracking server: Check if the bug has not be recorded already

You don’t find a solution for your issue

a.       If you face a design problem, send a post on the forum (you have to be registered. To get a quicker answer, please provide the community with a maximum of information.  Remember that a simple description with a graphic is often more understandable than 10 pages of text.  

b.      If you face a bug, first try to denature your problem. Try to find the same issue in a minimal context. Design and develop a tiny project where the bug appears. This will confirm the bug exists in OpenESB and be helpful to understand it. This will be useful for the people who want to help you too. They will be more efficient  and not clutter up by functional development and constraints lined to your project. Then, record the bug in the Issue tracker and send a message to the OpenESB forum for a temporary workaround. In both cases, attach your tiny project with you post. Don’t forget to provide us with basic information about your environment :

-  OpenESB Version
-  Platform: OS-Memory
-  JDK version JVM parameters
-  Logs if possible in the finest mode

OpenESB Commercial support

Many companies offer support on OpenESB. The complete stack of professional support  is proposed by community partners. Training, consulting support, Technical support providers can be found in the technology partners page. You can also send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.