About OpenESB 

OpenESB is a Java based open source enterprise service bus. It can be used as a platform for both Enterprise Application Integration and Service Oriented Application. OpenESB allows you to integrate legacy systems external and internal partners and new developments in your Business Process.  OpenESB is the unique open source ESB relying on standards that provides you with Simplicity, Efficiency, Long term durability, save on your present and future investments with a very low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

OpenESB is simple

Do you want to save time and budget on installation purposes? OpenESB is the easiest ESB to install. 6 clicks on a comprehensive graphical interface are all you need to get started. In less than 5 minutes, OpenESB installer sets up a complete development environment (Netbeans), a JBI container (Glassfish Application server) and 20+ connectors and service engines immediately available to you

OpenESB is easy to use

OpenESB offers a set of graphical tools to ease the development of your application integration. Architects an developers can design XML Schema, WSDL, BPEL and application composition with OpenESB graphical tools.  Similarly, developers use graphical tools to build, deploy, undeploy, run, test and debug applications. OpenESB provides the best ergonomics for ESB and SOA development.

OpenESB is scalable and powerful

OpenESB core architecture relies on powerful and optimized bus. The bus is designed to support tens of millions of messages per day in a safe and secured environment with a light infrastructure and a low budget. OpenESB components are optimized for high-availability in a clustered deployment. For instance, tens of OpenESB instances can run in the same cluster.

Standards and … standards

OpenESB relies on universal standard such as XML, XSD, WSDL and BPEL. It provides extensive compliance with “WS-I” and Microsoft platform through “WSIT” (http://wsit.java.net/) the web services framework jointly developed by Sun and Microsoft. Leverage your skills and knowledge on SOA, OpenESB development and deployment is compliant to standards and compatible with other SOA and Integration project.  OpenESB is 100% java. For instance, you can build applications on multiple development platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) and run on back office platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and AIX).

Reliability for your integration system

OpenESB proposes native support for guarantee of delivery and processes consistency (Compensation, Redelivery, Redirection, Atomic process, Process persistence…). As a benefit, you can include process consistency as part of your process specification to match your business requirements. These native features do not require any additional resources or development.

Who uses OpenESB

Hundreds of projects have been developed withOpenESB in many sectors all around the word. Many finance, banking, Logistic, Healthcare companies, Armies, Universities, Governmental and non-Governmental organisations chose OpenESB for their departmental or enterprise integration system. They appreciate its simplicity, scalability and power and cheap TCO for developing prototype, departmental and strategic projects

OpenESB Key features
All out of the box Graphical Editors Service Engine Binding components
·  IDE Netbeans
·  Glassfish Server
·  ESB framework
·  20+ Optimised Components
·  Graphical XSD Editor
·  Graphical WSDL Editor
·  Graphical BPEL Editor
·  Graphical Mapper
·  Graphical Logging Editor
·  Graphical Service
·  Graphical Composition Application design
·  Graphical Events Process Editor


·  Event Processing  SE
·  Bespoke  SE(*)


·  SOAP V1.1 & 1.2
·  Database BC
·  Email BC
·  HL7 BC
·  Scheduler BC
·  Bespoke BC (*)


Legacy (*)

Application packages (*)
EBusiness format (*)
Database Message brocker
·  IMS
·  3270
·  5250
·  SAP
·  Siebel
·  PeopleSoft
·  Swift
·  FIX
·  ebXML
·  Oracle
·  DB2 Z/0S/DB2 Dist.
·  Sybase/ MS-SQL
·  MySQL / PostgresSQL
- Any Other JDBC product
·  Sonic MQ
·  Websphere MQ
·  OpenMQ /Active MQ
·  Any Other JSM product

(*) with additional features